• Backyard
  • Lorikeet Pair

    Yesterday afternoon there was a huge racket out the front of our place that signalled the arrival of a small flock of Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus). I grabbed my camera and headed out there expecting them to be somewhere down the street, but they were actually in the palm trees planted just inside our front […]

  • Insect
  • Blue Butterflies

    The last few weeks there have been tons of these butterflies on the grass in our front and back yards – much to the delight of my toddler! They look rather dull when they first alight on the grass, but when they fan their wings it shows off a lovely grey blue colour on the […]

  • Bird
  • Young Raven

    We had a young Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides) visiting the blooming jacaranda tree out the front of our place this morning. There was an adult close by too, so I suspect this guy has only just ventured out on his own. The adults all have white eyes, so the dark ones of this guy mark […]

  • Insect
  • Paper Wasp Catalyst

    This little paper wasp (Polistes humilis) was the impetus to start this blog. I’ve been interested in all the critters in the backyard for quite a while and have been altering the garden to add more plants and hidey-holes to appeal to them. I’ve taken quite a few shots of the various animals out there, […]