Paper Wasp Catalyst

This little paper wasp (Polistes humilis) was the impetus to start this blog. I’ve been interested in all the critters in the backyard for quite a while and have been altering the garden to add more plants and hidey-holes to appeal to them. I’ve taken quite a few shots of the various animals out there, but most people commented on and complimented the ones like birds and honeybees. Photos of spiders were definitely not popular and I’d figured wasps were in the same category. Then I ended up entering the shot above in the Cumberland Photographic competition. I was surprised and very gratified that my paper wasp image won the People’s Choice Award. It made me think that there must be others out there like me who are interested in all the animals in our gardens, not just the cute and cuddly ones. I’m hoping that a few of those like-minded people will find this blog and enjoy reading it.

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  1. FM says: Reply

    This like-minded person will look forward to more images of the denizens of your garden.

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